GCCAS Faculty & Staff

Ms. Gwen DaPore

Executive Director


Ms. DaPore graduated from The Ohio State University with a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education.  She received her Masters Degree in Supervision, Curriculum and Instruction, and Educational Leadership from Wright State University.  Ms. DaPore began teaching in 1969 as a fifth grade teacher in her hometown of Piqua, Ohio. After teaching for two years, she relocated with her family to Centerville, Ohio, where she began teaching in West Carrollton and continued for the next twenty-nine years teaching second through sixth grades.She received excellent interdisciplinary curriculum training that encompassed and fostered student critical thinking skills while working in West Carrollton, via the AIMS Program (Activities Integrating Math and Science) and Talents Unlimited for gifted students. She became a trainer of the AIMS Program for her school district, and also worked for AIMS training many teachers throughout the state of Ohio


.Ms. DaPore demonstrated outstanding teaching methods along with effective classroom management techniques and because of these abilities, became a Praxis III Assessor, training and evaluating teachers for the state of Ohio.  She applied for National Board Certification and was one of only fifteen to earn the Early Adolescence Science National Board Certification in 2001. She retired from West Carrollton City Schools with thirty-one years of outstanding teaching experience and went to work for Edvantages Management Company as a fourth grade/lead teacher for Middletown Preparatory and Fitness Academy, a new charter school.  She worked for this group for eleven years, serving as teacher, Principal, Curriculum Specialist, Test Coordinator, Staff Development Coordinator, Praxis III Coordinator, and Regional Superintendent.


Ms. DaPore relocated to Florida in 2009 to assist in creating and building the Prep and Fitness Schools in SW Florida.  She became the principal of Bonita Springs Preparatory and Fitness Academy and concurrently, facilitated the growth and development of two other Prep Academies until they were sold in June of 2013.For the past two years Ms. DaPore has served as a Board Member for GCCAS and helped with evaluating teachers and tutoring middle school students last year.  She is excited to be a part of the GCCAS family and looks forward to a challenging year filled with excitement and learning.

Mr. William Staros

Principal of Gulf Coast Charter Academy South


Mr. Staros, the Principal of Gulf Coast Charter Academy South (GCCAS), continues to be extremely enthusiastic about working with an incredible, dedicated and steadfast staff, diligent and hard-working students, supportive parents and an above the norm, caring community.

William Staros was born and raised in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  Subsequent to his graduation from FGCU, he spent a significant amount of time in Savannah, Ga., before returning to the west coast of Florida to begin his teaching career. Mr. Staros earned his Bachelor of Science Degree in Elementary Education from FGCU in 2006 and his Master’s in Educational Leadership from The University of New England in 2011.

When he is not working at school, he enjoys spending time with his wife, Beth, and their two little girls, Ella-Rose & Ava. Besides his passion for swimming, he revels in the art of cooking, moreover, delights in returning to Savannah, Ga. for a taste of good Southern food. He feels honored to be the Principal of GCCAS where he maintains an open-door policy that fosters positive communication and rapport.  He invites all stakeholders of GCCAS to feel comfortable in discussing any aspects of the school, readily accepts suggestions and is happy to clarify any questions that said stakeholders may have.

Mr. Patrick Scully

Dean of Student Services


Mr. Scully will be the Dean of Student Services at Gulf Coast Charter Academy South. He was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio, and moved to Florida in 2004. He earned his Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education from Florida Gulf Coast University in Ft. Myers and currently working on his Master’s in Educational Leadership. Throughout his teaching career, he has taught Language Arts, Social Studies, and Math for grades third through sixth. He has assumed many leadership roles, too. He was honored to be elected as athletic director, which he helped organized the sports program. At his previous school, he was elected to serve on the administration team, analyze data, lead reading teacher, and middle school team lead. During his free time, he enjoys spending time with his dog, Dexter, traveling to different cities and watching or playing sports. He is a huge fan of all Cleveland teams (GO CAVS!!!!!!!), FGCU, and The Ohio State University! 

Mrs. Misty Doyle

FORZA Child Development Center Director


Ms. Pam Sullivan

School Counselor


Mrs. Michele Taylor

ESE Teacher


Ms. Juliana Santucci

Mrs. Amy Reites

MTSS Coordinator 


Mrs. Marissa Pendley

Speech Language Pathologist


Mrs. Kelly Grimm

Office Manager (OP)


Mrs. Lai Yee John

Office Personnel


Mrs. Danielle Grim

Office Personnel


Ms. Brenda Wheeler

Cafe Manager


Ms. Patricia Connelly

Kindergarten Teacher


Mr. Brian Wamback

Kindergarten Teacher


Mrs. Angela Anazco

Kindergarten Teacher


Mrs. Wendy Chestnut

Kindergarten Teacher


Ms. Ashley Moran

Kindergarten Teacher


Ms. Christine Roberts

Grade 1 Teacher


Ms. Carrie Muni

Grade 1 Teacher


Ms. Shelly Testa

​Grade 1 Teacher


Ms. Olya Tilley

Grade 1 Teacher


Ms. Chelsea Bloom

Grade 1 Teacher


Ms. Nicole Wamback

Grade 2 Teacher


Mrs. Yesenia Gonzalez

Grade 2 Teacher 


Mr. William Franco-Rubio

Kindergarten Teacher


Mrs. Danielle Matos

Grade 2 Teacher 


Ms. Kim Keller

Grade 2 Teacher


Ms. Kelly Brandt

Grade 3 Teacher


Ms. Brittany Fangmeier

Grade 3 Teacher 


Mrs. Nadia Yusuf

Grade 3 Teacher


Ms. Maria Tome

Grade 3 Teacher


Ms. Stephanie Mejia

Grade 4 Teacher


Mrs. Kristen Luong

Grade 4 Teacher


Mrs. Rosemary Flores

Grade 4 Teacher


Ms. Merecelly Morales

Grade 4 Teacher


Ms. Yvonne Kline

Grade 5 Teacher / Science


Ms. Karrie Stock

Grade 5 Teacher / Math


Mrs. Beth Staros

Grade 5 Teacher/ Reading and SS


Ms. Amber Monroe

Grade 5 Teacher/ Reading and SS


Richard Luong

Grade 6 ELA Teacher


Mr. Tony Perino

Grade 6 Science and Social Studies Teacher 


Mr. John DeVries

Grade 6 Math Teacher


Class Website


Ms. Nancy Grimes

Grade 7 & 8 Math


Ms. Tammy Howard

Grade 7 & 8 ELA Teacher



Ms. Michelle Hendrick

Grade 7 & 8 


Mrs. Anna Braun

Grade 7 & 8 Science


Mrs. Linda Minich

Middle School Read 180 Intervention Teacher


Mrs. Silka Kern

Spanish Instructor 


Ms. Regina Salinas

Spanish Instructor 


Mr. David Berkson

Physical Education & Health Instructor 


Mr. Jacek Pienaidez

Phsyical Education & Health Instructor


Mr. Mark Cattin

Ms. Sherry Diaz

Ms. Sarah O'Brien

Music Instructor 


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